Property Management

RoomOur management package includes taking care of your rental property; meeting your guests and attending to their requirements; ensuring all your licenses are maintained; filing your monthly sales and tourist tax; providing bookings for your property; maintaining a key control system; preparing a monthly statement of account, listing all income and expenditure, organizing house cleans, pest control; dealing with problems; minor maintenance and ensuring that your property is maintained to a safe and regulatory standard throughout. We provide a professional, yet highly personal service. We also strive to give our homeowners excellent value and we will maintain our prices for a minimum of one year once you engage our services.

Key elements of that service include:

Our accounting department is fully computerized with state of the art hardware and software designed specifically for vacation management. Each month you will receive a detailed statement of your account showing your income and expenditure. All original invoices from service providers for all utilities and other expenses will be kept on file and can be provided at your request.

BOOKINGS – we have different tour operators and agents who concentrate their activities on the provision of rentals for our owners. We are continually working to expand our agents in both the U.S. and Europe, ensuring a constant increase in rentals for our owners. Rental payment is made in US dollars. It's our objective to identify the optimum pricing structure for each home that will maximize its rental income potential. Continuous monitoring of market conditions helps us determine optimal rate levels and identify opportunities to alter     rates. Recommendations for rates are made for each property in our program after reviewing the rates of similar homes in comparable locations, both within and outside the rental program.

SECURITY DEPOSITS – all guests register with our office or with the travel operator where a security deposit in the form of a credit card number is taken and kept on file. Any damages are reported to us after a cleaning inspection and we then debit the amount from the guest's credit card.

HOUSEKEEPING SERVICES – probably the most single important factor in creating a lasting impression of the homes is its appearance when the guests first arrive. Experienced housekeepers have consistently provided our guests with clean vacation homes for many years. We realize how important it is to guests and owners that they find clean and neat accommodations upon arrival. Your home will be professionally cleaned to high standards after each guest's use and at any other time at the owner's request.

Our cleaning team is assigned to specific homes and this provides them with strong motivation to do a good job and take ownership. We receive very good feedback from both guests and owners about the standard of the homes on arrival.

Every home shall be personally inspected by a team member before each new client checks into the property. Additionally, annual 'spring cleans' are also arranged as required.

A comprehensive Annual Inspection and Inventory is conducted for each owner during the off-season. The report includes recommendations for such things as replenishing kitchen inventory, replacing carpet and furniture, painting or adding guest-requested furnishings, supplies or amenities. While it is important to maintain each property's uniqueness, standards are necessary to meet guest expectations and those set by the licensing authority.

GUEST SERVICES – we do our best to ensure that guests staying in homes we manage have a wonderful holiday experience. We meet with all guests if they come to the office and check that everything is fine with the home. We are also able to offer local knowledge, tips and advice. Additionally, we can arrange for 'extras' during their stay, including; attraction tickets and more. If we don't have it ourselves, we track it down from other sources.

Out of office hours, our telephone line is forwarded to a cell phone for emergency calls. Guests can access us at any time of the day or night. We provide guests staying in properties outside the area with a free phone number so that they too can contact us without encountering problems of long distance calls being barred. Your tenants are your/our guests and we strive to treat them as such. The success of our mutual business depends on a high level of customer satisfaction which translates to repeat/referral business and maximum rental income. Our guests are on vacation and they expect an enjoyable and trouble-free experience beginning with the first contact with our company. We pride ourselves on the knowledge, professionalism and company longevity of our staff. Personnel in our Rental Department have years of experience in the vacation rental industry. All are committed to extending excellent service in an environment of personal hospitality.

Whether guests have booked directly with the owner, through the office or via a tour operator we treat them all the same. Many of our guests say they would return to the area and utilize our services for their next trip.

SALES & TOURIST TAX – we will file your sales and tourist tax returns each month and ensure that they reach the respective tax offices before the delinquent dates (for bookings made thru this office only). Owners are responsible for obtaining relevant tax identification numbers.

UTILITY PAYMENTS – we will help the home owner set up automatic payments for the utility bills from their own account wherever possible, and pay on behalf of the owner those accounts that are unable to be drafted directly from their own bank.

MAINTENANCE SERVICES – a well maintained property is an important part of a positive vacation experience which results in repeat or referral business. Understanding the rental business and how critical guest's satisfaction is to your/our success gives our maintenance personnel and contractors a sense of urgency and pride in their work. We will ensure that the property is maintained to a high standard and that any issues requiring attention are dealt with swiftly. We have in-house maintenance personnel which allow us to deal with problems quickly and cost effectively. When the problem is just too great for our team we have strong relationships with licensed contractors who usually respond quickly to our needs. We have also been able to agree good rates for preventative maintenance programs on behalf of our owners.

PEST CONTROL SERVICE – all of our pest control services are provided by a reputable company. They will treat the exterior of your home and use 'non toxic' chemicals inside. These services are undertaken quarterly, but if required, a certified specialist will attend your property for any pest related incident we report – generally the same day!

OWNER PERSONAL SERVICE – Through the Owner Login page, owners are provided with 24 hour secure access to information on their property, including up-to-date reservation status, owner/guest booking capability and owner information.

VACATION RENTALS – Unlike many real estate companies who handle management and rentals on the side, or in between real estate transactions, we have always specialized in the property management business. This is our core business and we devote significant time and energy to it. Another key to our success is that we exclusively represent high quality and well maintained properties. Our use of innovative systems, information technology and our dedication to detail, honesty and integrity has earned us a reputation as being one of Orlando's premier vacation rental and property management companies.

AGREEMENT - An agreement is necessary for us to legally act on your behalf and handle your affairs here in Florida. However, our agreement terms are highly flexible and can be tailored to suit your needs.