Vacation Home Guide

We’re so glad you decided to stay with us and we’ll do everything to make your Florida vacation the best ever !

The Cosy Casas Team works tirelessly to ensure you a fantastic guest experience. Renting a vacation home means no lines and no fuss, so you can enjoy your vacation your way, with no intteruptions. Our high-quality homes have all the amenities of a hotel, with a private family experience.

We think of you as our own personal houseguests, and therefore like to welcome you as such.
We know your vacation time is precious and that’s why we want you to get relaxed as soon as possible.

As we like to say: why stay in a hotel when you can have all the luxuries and comforts of home ?

As with all properties, there are going to be matters needing attention from time to time and it is only with your help and co-operation that we can rectify problems as soon as they are discovered.

We would appreciate you advising us immediately if anything is not in good order and requires attention so that we can make it right and you can enjoy your vacation home to its full potential.

We hope you enjoy your stay and have a wonderful time !

The Cosy Casas Team


Getting to know your vacation home

Important Telephone numbers
Fire Safety
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Vista Cay Resort Map
Clubhouse amenities
Important notices & Information


Getting to know your vacation home

Pest Control

Getting to know your vacation home

Florida has a sub-tropical climate and care must be taken with food that is left uncovered.
Uncovered food can attract insects very quickly. In the unlikely event you should discover any quantity of ants, palmetto bugs or other unwelcome guests, please contact Cosy Casas to schedule a service call.


Please only use dishwasher detergent in the dishwasher. Any other soap products including the normal liquid dish soap will overflow the dishwasher. Please make sure all excess food is removed from plates, bowls, pans, etc. The dishwasher will not operate if the door is not properly closed.
Do not place wooden, plastic or non-stick pans in the dishwasher unless they are clearly marked as “dishwasher safe “.


To use the required burner, push in the knob and turn it to the desired temperature. To use the oven, select “bake”, with activates the bottom element and select the desired temperature. For safety, ensure that no pan handles are facing outward and remove all items, once cooled, from the top of the stove when no longer in use.


There is a microwave unit in the kitchen. Please insert   microwave-safe food and crockery only and check that the time you selected is correct for the cooking you are doing. Sealed containers and eggs in their shells can explode if cooked in a microwave. DO NOT place any metal trays, foil or utensils in the microwave as this can cause fire.


To enjoy the most of your vacation experience, nobody wants to call a plumber. Please only flush toilet paper and place other disposable items (diapers, baby wipes, sanitary napkins, etc) in the waste bin. If you have a clogged toilet or sink and are unable to remedy the situation with the provided plungers, let us know and we will assist or call a plumber. Any service housecalls may result in an additional charge.

Smoke Detector

Should the smoke detector sound due to burning toast or as result of cooking on the stove and you are confident there is no cause for alarm, open all windows and doors and try to fan the smoke out. Please do not disconnect the batteries in the smoke alarms.


Important Telephone numbers

Cosy Casas Emercency line 24/7 407 965 5091 ext 3
Vista Cay Resort Security 407 383 6358
Poison Center 1 800 222 1222
Orange County Sheriff 407 836 4357
Dr Phillips Hospital (nearest to Vista Cay ) 407 351 8500

Fire Safety

Become familiar with the layout and exits of your vacation home. Know what floor you are and know where the stairwells are,in case of fire.
DO NOT USE THE ELEVATOR. Plan two ways out of every room and make sure all guests can unlock and open all windows and doors quickly, even in the dark. Agree on a meeting point for all guests in case of an emergency escape.

In an effort to help prevent a fire, we kindly ask that you follow the safety guidelines:

* Please keep small children away from stove/cooker and grill areas.
* Never leave pans with grease unattended, please remove them as soon as cooked.
* Never use water on a grease or electrice fire.
* Always keep a pan lid handy to smother a stovetop grease fire.
* Do not smoke inside your vacation home.
* When using the clothes dryer, be sure to remove all lint before each use.

All vacation homes have a fire extinguisher.

Check Out : tips & tricks

While we are sad to see you leave, we hope you enjoyed your stay and will continue to vacation with us !


If you would like to request a later check out time or want to extend your stay, please inquire about feasibility at least 24 hours in advance, so we can do our best to accommodate you.

It is NOT necessary to call, wait for our cleaning team to arrive or visit the clubhouse before leaving. Just make sure to follow the Tips and Tricks below to avoid any extra charges and have a safe trip home !


We hope you’ve been taking advantage of the daily trash pick up service, so that you do not have a lot of garbage bags to deal with as you leave. Please place any last garbage bag outside in the waste bench before you leave.

Any unopened food and drink items may be left in the property, and our cleaning staff will arrange for these items to be delivered to a food bank or shelter.


Please place all dirty dishes in the dishwasher and start the dishwasher before departing. Please refrain from leaving used or dirty dishes in the sink or putting dirty items away in the cabinets.


We kindly ask you NOT to strip the beds. Our cleaning staff will do this, as it makes it easier for them to check the linen and sort it before putting to wash.

Personal belongings

Don’t leave your stuff ! We’d hate for you to forget any of your personal items in the property, so please check drawers and closets to ensure you’ve got everything you came with.

Lights, electronics and Air conditioning

Please help us conserve energy by turning off all lights, electronics, and ceiling fans as you leave the property. As you leave, please return the thermostat to 76 degrees.

Broken or Damaged Items

If there are any broken items or malfunctioning amenities, please let us know so we can have then fixed right away.

Extra Cleaning Fees

Should the property require EXCESSIVE additional cleaning after your departure (as determined by our cleaning crew management staff), an additional cleaning fee will be debited from your security deposit or charged on your credit card. This also pertains to any furniture that has been moved and needs to be moved back.

We hope you enjoyed your stay and have a safe trip back !

We value your business, and want to see you come back year after year. Please contact us with any questions you have, and we’ll do everything we can to ensure you have another fantastic experience.



When you think of vacation or business travel, what comes to mind ?
Is it fantastic accommodations ? How about crystal clear pools ? Whatever your vacation or business wish list, Vista Cay Resort has it all. Vista Cay offers Mediterranean-style luxury centrally located on Universal Blvd so you’re only a few minutes away to everything Orlando has to offer.

Heated resort style pool Surrounding Lake Cay is a 2 miles walking trail
Kiddie Pool Children enclosed play area
Hot spa (holds 17 people) Basketball court family fun
Pool Bar Movie theatre
Concierge desk Game room
ATM machine BBQ pits
Elevators in all buildings Gated residential access
Business center Publix supermarket
Fitness center Restaurants
And more  


Vista Cay Resort Map


Clubhouse amenities

Opening hours

Pool area  9 am - 10:30 pm
Pool bar 12 pm - 10 pm (weather permitting)
Fitness room 6 am - 10:30 pm
Game room 9 am - 10:30 pm
Lobby 9 am - 10 pm
Playground 9 am - Dusk
Sports court 9 am - Dusk
BBQ Grills 9 am - Dusk

Hours of operation subject to change to season and weather permitting

You must follow all rules and regulations for pool use. There is NO Lifeguard on duty. You will need to bring beach/pool towels to the pool area as the clubhouse does not provide them.
Please DO NOT leave any towels in pool or clubhouse area. You are responsible to bring the towels back to your condo /Townhouse. Any towels that are missing will be seen on your bill as an additional $10 charge per towel.



Florida Statutes notice to guests
Boil water notice
Weather safety : Hurricanes
Resort Map
Spectrum TV manual
Roku TV manual
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